Sophisticated Equity Market Consulting

Constellation Asset Advisors, Inc. is a multi-faceted equity markets consulting firm.
The senior principals of CAA have been engaged in private equity since 1985, and have collectively over 50 years of Wall Street experience. CAA provides advisory services to dynamic small and mid-sized companies, as well as services to clients in the energy, specialty chemicals, high technology and health care sectors.

I have known Jens and his team for 10 plus years. I have watched his team perform on countless projects over the decade. In Bull or Bear markets his team shines on. There aren't too many that have prevailed as long or strong as Jens. Our joint endeavors over the next year will surpass everything we have ever done to date. Stop in and visit his first class offices and staff someday..You will be most pleasantly surprised. Thumbs up!

Shai Stern, CEO & Co-Chairman, CheckALT