Constellation Asset Advisors Partners

Constellation Asset Advisors works closely with top Wall Street firms to make sure the investment community knows about our client companies. Our strategic allies include top research analysts, investment bankers, public relations and media professionals, and market makers who share our commitment and values.

MD Capital Advisors, Inc.
MD Capital Advisors is a specialty healthcare advisory firm that assists business owners and management through the process of raising capital and growing their business through public entities.  Our principals have raised hundreds of millions of dollars for companies and have hands on experience building companies, taking companies public, running public companies and managing the complicated financial affairs of multinational enterprises. We understand the challenges entrepreneurs face in achieving their dreams, we have been there. We compliment your management team and focus on reality based solutions that provide companies with the resources they need to reach their potential.

Propheta Communications, Inc.
At Propheta Communications, we create and execute customized Public Relations and Marketing Communications campaigns that generate competitive advantage for our clients. Through positive and constructive coverage in relevant news media, we elevate our clients above the crowded media clamor, producing leadership positions and bringing about measurable returns on their PR investment. Our boutique culture, aggressive approach and over twenty years experience in Public Relations enables us to work with a wide range of clients.

Workbox, Inc.
Since 1997, San Francisco’s Workbox has designed and developed successful websites for many types of dynamic businesses: from cutting-edge technology companies, to powerful pharmaceuticals, to national publications to multinational corporations. Workbox’s websites look fantastic and have won awards, but their designs are also practical, cost-effective and improve the bottom line. Workbox tries to understand what motivates customers and clients to take action, then creates a platform that helps companies attain their goals online.


"Jens creates incomparable value in every company with which he is associated - palpable real value. I have first-hand knowledge and experience working with him where he has advised several companies with whom I consult and assist in product development. Exponential valuation increases in multiples of ten (10) times seem to becoming the rule, not the exception. His expertise, experience, insight, and energy are unparalleled, and his ability to dissect complicated business propositions and simplify complex business solutions and communicate them is unique in my experience. It is my rare privilege to work with Jens, and I highly recommend him to any company or entrepreneur who has the chance to engage his services. "

Landon Feazell, President & CEO, Q'uture

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